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Topic: Handicap ReviewA Handicap Committee Responsibility

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The Handicap Committee at each authorized golf club plays a key role in administering the Rules of Handicapping at the local level. It is ultimately their responsibility (with support from their local Allied Golf Association) to ensure that each player's Handicap Index continues to reflect their demonstrated ability.

To achieve this, a successful Handicap Committee conducts a handicap review:

When conducting a handicap review, the Handicap Committee should utilize reporting tools available within their handicap software, and consider items such as:

If, after conducting a handicap review, the Handicap Committee decides that an adjustment is warranted, they must: 

  • determine the appropriate value of the adjustment, 
  • determine the length of time for the adjustment, and 
  • provide the player with an opportunity to respond to the Handicap Committee.


Note: The Handicap Committee also has the authority to post a penalty score if a player fails to submit an acceptable score in a tmely manner. If a penalty score is posted to a player's scoring record, it will be identified with the letter "P".

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