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Rules of Handicapping FAQs

Handicap Committee

Q. I had a recent injury and can no longer play to my handicap. Can the Handicap Committee make an adjustment?

A. If scores made following an injury demonstrate that you can no longer play to your current Handicap Index®, the Handicap Committee can make an adjustment to better reflect your ability. Once an adjustment has been made, the Committee will monitor your scoring record as new scores are posted.

If it becomes evident that the injury has caused a permanent change in ability, the Handicap Committee can disregard the scores made prior to the injury so that your Handicap Index is based on scores posted after the injury.

A Handicap Index that has been modified will be displayed with an “M.” In addition, where a Handicap Committee applied adjustment increases a player's Handicap Index, the Committee should consider resetting the player's Low Handicap Index™ to the same value as the adjusted Handicap Index. (Rule 7.1, Rules of Handicapping)