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Rules of Handicapping FAQs

Handicap Committee

Q. There is a player at my club who always tends to play well during net events and wins often. Are there any provisions in place to ensure that everyone is playing on a fair level?

A. There are several safeguards to ensure the integrity of a player’s Handicap Index® – including a soft cap and hard cap that limits extreme upward movement over a rolling 365-day time frame and an exceptional score reduction that reduces a player’s Handicap Index each time they post a score that produces a Score Differential™ at least 7.0 strokes below their Handicap Index.

A club’s Handicap Committee, along with the local Allied Golf Association, also has access to reporting tools that provide additional insight.

The Committee in charge of a competition can protect the field by modifying a player’s Playing Handicap™ before or between rounds when appropriate.