NIL Guidance for Collegiate Golfers

What does the NCAA’s recent NIL announcement mean for your amateur status? While you can always reach out to us with your specific questions, here are three important things you need to know!

1) All collegiate golfers are encouraged to consult their school’s compliance department prior to taking any NIL-related actions.

2) The USGA and The R&A have introduced an interim waiver that applies as follows:

  • A collegiate golfer will remain an amateur golfer provided all three of the following apply:

- The NIL-related actions are allowed under the NCAA’s interim policy,
- He or she remains on a team roster while the NIL-related activities take place, and
- There are no other breaches of the Rules of Amateur Status in connection with the NIL activities. An example of this would be providing golf instruction, which while ok per the NCAA is not allowed under the Rules of Amateur Status.

3) Collegiate golfers who plan to benefit from their NIL and wish to play in non-NCAA competitions as an amateur should:

  • Be prepared to provide proof of NCAA eligibility (such as a letter from your school’s compliance department) prior to competing so the competition organizer can confirm eligibility.
  • Become familiar with any policies put into effect by competition organizers that apply to logos, promotions or advertisements.

Attention Prospective Student-Athletes: This interim guidance applies only to collegiate golfers. If you are a still a prospective student-athlete, Rule 6 of the Rules of Amateur Status still applies to any actions you take to benefit from your name, image and likeness.

To learn more about this interim policy and related guidance, including what this means for non-collegiate golfers and golf administrators, click here.