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Rules of Handicapping FAQs

Adjustment of Hole Scores

Q. I did not play a hole. What score to do I post?

A. For a score to be acceptable for handicap purposes, at least 9 holes that have a 9-hole Course Rating™ and Slope Rating™ must be played. If between 10-17 holes are played (typically due to darkness, inclement weather, or match play), hole-by-hole score entry is required for the holes played.

Once a score is posted for the holes played – for example, holes 1-16 – a Score Differential™ will be created based on the 16 holes played, and the expected Score Differential™ for two holes not played will be added to that value to produce an 18-hole Score Differential.

For a player who has yet to establish a Handicap Index (working toward posting scores from 54 holes played), only the 9- and 18-hole score posting option will be available.

Note: Expected score is the default position for holes not played. However, net par may be an option in very limited circumstances subject to approval from the local Allied Golf Association. The Handicap Committee/golf club will be responsible for communicating to all golfers when net par should be applied. (Rule 3.2, Rules of Handicapping)