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Rules of Handicapping FAQs

Handicap Index Calculation 101

Q. What is a Score Differential™ and how is it calculated?

A. A score of 80 on a difficult course may be a better performance than a 77 on an easier one, and it is the Score Differential calculation that allows this to be captured.

A Score Differential measures the performance of a round in relation to the relative difficulty of the course that was played, measured by the Course Rating™ and Slope Rating™ . The result of the daily playing conditions calculation (PCC) is also included in the Score Differential calculation, which may provide an adjustment if course and/or weather conditions significantly impacted scores on that day.

A Score Differential is calculated using the following formula:

(113 / Slope Rating) x (Adjusted Gross Score - Course Rating - PCC adjustment)

There may be additional adjustments to the Score Differential, such as an exceptional score reduction or Committee-applied adjustment. These would be clearly identified within the scoring record. (Rule 5.1, 5.9 and 7.1a, Rules of Handicapping)

Click here for an FAQ that explains how an 18-hole Score Differential is created after a 9-hole score is posted.