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Rules of Handicapping FAQs

Posting Scores

Q. I would like to play from a set of tees that are not rated for my gender. How can I post a score?

A. If the tees you would like to play are between 100 and 300 yards (50-150 yards for 9 holes) longer or shorter than the nearest rated set of tees for your gender, the Handicap Committee at your club must consult with the local Allied Golf Association to utilize the table found in Appendix G of the Rules of Handicapping to provide a temporary Course Rating™ and Slope Rating™.

For differences under 100 yards (50 for 9 holes), no adjustment is necessary and scores can be submitted as usual. If the difference in yardage is greater than 300 (150 for 9 holes), your golf club must contact the Allied Golf Association for assistance. (Appendix G, Rules of Handicapping)