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Rules of Handicapping FAQs

Posting Scores

Q. Can I manually enter the Course Rating™, Slope Rating™,and par for a course I played?

A. You should always use the published Rating information when available, and most courses and tees have been rated for both genders by the Allied Golf Association. However, there may be times when you must manually enter the course information to post a score, including when:

  • The set of tees has not been rated for your gender, or
  • The round was played outside of the United States and a course search does not find the course played

In these cases, you should first reach out to the club and/or Golf Association in the area to obtain the Rating information. At that point, you can manually enter the Course Rating, Slope Rating, and par along with the score details. If no Course Rating, Slope Rating, and par can be determined, the score will not be acceptable for handicap purposes.

If you are playing a set of tees that is not rated for your gender, the club representative in consultation with the Allied Golf Association can determine if a temporary Course Rating and Slope Rating can be created to post your score by utilizing the table found in Appendix G of the Rules of Handicapping.

Manually entering the Rating information and par should be considered a last resort. In addition, if the score is not identified with any particular course, then it will not contribute to the playing conditions calculation data pool.