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Rules of Handicapping FAQs

Fundamentals of Handicapping

Q. How do I determine if a score is acceptable for handicap purposes?

A. A score is acceptable for handicap purposes if the round has been played:

  • In an authorized format of play (see Rule 2.1a) over at least the minimum number of holes required for either a 9-hole or an 18-hole score to be acceptable (see Rule 2.2),
  • In the company of at least one other person, who may also act as a marker (subject to satisfying any other requirements of the Rules of Golf),
  • By the Rules of Golf (see Rule 2.1b),
  • On a golf course with a current Course Rating and Slope Rating, where length and normal playing difficulty is maintained at a consistent level (see Appendix G),
  • On a golf course during its active season.

If one or more of the requirements set out above is not met, the score is not acceptable for handicap purposes. (Rule 2.1, Rules of Handicapping)