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Rules of Handicapping FAQs

9-Hole Scores

Q. How will a 9-hole score be displayed in my scoring record?

A. When 9 holes are played and a score is posted, the 9-hole score will be displayed. You will also see the 9-hole Course Rating™ and Slope Rating™ for the tees played, along with the 18-hole Score Differential™ that was created using the 9-hole Score Differential from the 9 holes you played, and a 9-hole expected Score Differential based off your current Handicap Index. Lastly, a score type of “N” will also be displayed.

The “N” score type may represent one of the following – a 9-hole score combined with an expected Score Differential to produce an 18-hole Score Differential (beginning with the 2024 World Handicap System™ revision) or two 9-hole scores combined (prior to the 2024 WHS™ revision).