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WHS™ Resources for Club Administrators

2024 WHS Revision – Quick Reference

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USGA Handicap Committee Guide

Rules of Handicapping

See Section 6 for Local Guidance for Golf Club Committees

2024 WHS Revision Hub

Link to a dedicated page focused on the 2024 changes to the WHS

 Explainer Video - 2024 Treatment of 9-Hole Scores

Video on the treatment of 9-hole scores under the 2024 WHS revision

Detailed Explainers

*New for 2024 - Treatment of 9-hole scores

*New for 2024 - Treatment of Holes Not Played

Understanding the Soft Cap and Hard Cap

Breaking Down the Playing Conditions Calculation

Net Double Bogey is the Maximum Hole Score

Safeguards Included Under the WHS

Conducting a Competition Under the WHS

How Stroke Index Allocation Works

Applying Handicap Allowances

Advance Planning for a Competition under the WHS

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Stroke Index Allocation Under the WHS

Paper that Addresses the Recommended Method for Stroke Index Allocation

WHS Background and Overview

Link to Background and Overview Page