Conducting Course Consulting Service visits throughout the Midwest creates opportunities to observe a wide range of strategies superintendents have implemented to achieve success. Some of these are complex and expensive while others only require a little bit of effort and an investment of only a few dollars. An inexpensive strategy that can be used for creating to-do lists only requires the windshield on your cart and a dry-erase marker.

The pace of the day for superintendents and other management staff often makes it challenging to remember everything that needs to be completed. Dry-erase markers can be used to take notes on the windshield of a cart to ensure important tasks are not forgotten. A pro tip from Brandon Schindele, superintendent at Edina Country Club in Minnesota, is to attach a magnet to the marker so it can be stored on the windshield frame and is readily available as notes need to be taken.

Whether you use a mobile app, a notepad or the windshield of your cart, keeping a to-do list is always a good idea. No matter which strategy you choose, be sure to remain diligent with adding new tasks and crossing off those that are completed.

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