Rules Throwback: Joint Rules Conference, 1951 April 27, 2016

In 1951, representatives from the USGA, The R&A, the Australian Golf Union and the Royal Canadian Golf Association gathered in London and St. Andrews to draft the first uniform code for the Rules of Golf. Prior to this point, the Rules of Golf varied depending on the governing body of the area. These agreed-upon Rules went into effect worldwide in 1952 and laid the groundwork for the identical USGA and R&A co-branded Rules book used around the world today.

The representatives are, left to right, front row: Dr. James Lawson (The R&A); Isaac B. Grainger (Chairman, USGA Rules of Golf Committee); Dr. Harold Gardner-Hill (Chairman, The R&A Rules of Golf Committee); Comdr. J.A.S. Carson (Secretary, The R&A). Left to right, rear: Joseph C. Dey Jr. (Executive Secretary, USGA); Ivo Whitton (Australian Golf Union); Lt. Col. John Inglis (Deputy Chairman, The R&A Rules Committee); Richard S. Tufts (Secretary, USGA); Colin Rankin (Rules Chairman, Royal Canadian Golf Association).