Handicapping FAQs

Section 5

Posting a Score From an Unrated Set of Tees


  How do I post a score from an unrated set of tees on a rated golf course?


  Example:  A woman plays from the middle tees, which are not rated for women. The USGA Course Rating™ from the forward tees is 71.6 with a Slope Rating® of 119. The middle tees are 396 yards longer than the forward tees. Using the chart in Section 5-2g of "The USGA Handicap System," she will post her score with a USGA Course Rating of 73.8 (71.6 + 2.2) and a Slope Rating of 124 (119 + 5). Note: The resulting values are subtracted if the unrated tees are shorter than the rated tees.

Section 5-2g may also be used if a player plays a combination of tees. First determine the total yardage of the combination tees, then apply the above procedure.

This adjustment in USGA Course Rating/Slope Rating is only meant to serve as a temporary adjustment and not as a formal USGA Course Rating/Slope Rating. If necessary, the authorized golf association can provide a permanent rating for these tees according to the appropriate gender.

Please visit Section 5-2g of The USGA Handicap System for further reference.