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Section 2
Definition of a Tournament Score
Using a Trend Handicap™

Section 3
Starting a Handicap Index®
Course Handicap™ Explained
Maximum Handicap Index®
Players Competing From a Different Course Rating™ or Tees

Section 4
Conceded Strokes/Unfinished Holes
Holes Not Played/Not Played Under The Rules of Golf
Adjusting Hole Scores for Equitable Stroke Control (ESC)™

Section 5
Acceptable Scores
Playing Alone
Posting a nine-hole Score to an 18-hole Handicap Index®
Posting a Score From an Unrated Set of Tees
Posting a Score On An International Golf Course

Section 6
Inactive Scoring Record
Posting a Score During an Inactive Season
Retrieving a Previous Scoring Record
Searching for a player’s Handicap Index®

Section 7
Should I Post a Score Under “Preferred Lies?”

Section 8
Posting a Score in Error
Handicap Adjustment for Injury or Disability

Section 9
Scramble and Skins Handicap Allowance

Section 10
Handicap Software
Why is there an “R” after my Handicap Index®?

Section 12
Which Tees to Play?

Section 13
What is a USGA Course Rating™, Slope Rating®, and Bogey Rating™?

Section 14
Re-rating a Golf Course

Section 17
Allocating Handicap Strokes

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