Handicapping FAQs

Section 6

Retrieving a Previous Scoring Record


  How do I retrieve my previous Handicap Index® and scoring record?


  The golf club or golf association that last maintained these records should preserve these records for at least one year (Section 6-7, USGA Handicap System manual). A comprehensive listing of golf associations may be found at: Authorized U.S. Golf Associations .

Contact the previous club or association to query the previous twenty (20) scores in chronological order plus any eligible tournament scores, which must be provided to the new club. This scoring record will be reinstated when joining a new golf club. If the previous club or association cannot find the scoring record, but can retrieve the previous Handicap Index (without scores), use this previous Handicap Index until five scores have been posted—at which time the player will be issued a new Handicap Index for the new club. (See Section 6-6.)

Please visit Section 6 of the USGA Handicap System manual for further reference.