Handicapping FAQs

Section 6

Posting a Score During an Inactive Season

Q.  Can a player post a score during the inactive season of the player’s home club?

A.  The authorized golf associations set active and inactive seasons for clubs to follow in their area. If a round is played on a course that is observing an inactive season, that score is unacceptable for handicap purposes. However, if a member whose golf club is currently observing an inactive season plays at a course observing an active season, that score must be posted to the scoring record.

For example, if a member of a golf club in Michigan plays golf in Florida in January, the scores from Florida are acceptable, and must be returned to the club in Michigan.

The player has a few options when posting the score. First, the player may be able to post as a guest on the club’s computer if the two clubs use the same computation service or through the IGN network if both clubs use a handicap service that subscribes to the IGN. Second, if the player’s home club has approved Internet posting, a score may be posted back to the home club via the Internet. Third, the player can keep a copy of the score and the ratings and post when the player returns to the home course no later than the start of the active season.

Please visit Sections 6-2, 8-3, and Decision 6-2/1 of the USGA Handicap System manual for further information.