Individual Tournament Expenses

An amateur may receive expenses for individual competitions, provided that the reimbursement for the expenses is approved by and paid through the amateur's state or regional golf association. Expenses include the following:

  • Round Trip Transportation/Travel
  • Accommodation/Lodging
  • Meals/Refreshments
  • Entry Fee
  • Caddie/Cart Fees
  • Practice Range/Practice Round Fees
Amateurs wishing to have expenses reimbursed must:
  1. Submit a completed "Disclosure Form for Reimbursement of Tournament Expenses" after participation in the competition.
  2. Submit a completed "Disclosure Form to Donate Expenses to an Amateur Golfer", which must be completed by the outside source paying the expenses.
Both forms must be submitted to the player's state or regional golf association. Please click here to find the golf association in your area.
Please contact the USGA Amateur Status Department if you have additional questions about the administration of expenses at (908) 234-2300 or via e-mail at

Amateur Status Expense Rule FAQ

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What are examples of a player's expenses to a competition?       

Examples of expenses include transportation (e.g., airfare and rental car), lodging, meals, the entry fee, and caddie fees.

What expenses to a competition may junior golfers accept?       

A junior golfer (defined as one who has not reached his 19 th birthday during the calendar year ending December 31st prior to a competition requiring that golfer to be a junior in order to participate may accept help from outside his family to all competitions. If the outside help with expenses is for a junior competition, the expenses do not need to go through the player's state or regional golf association. If the expenses are to a non-junior competition (e.g., the U.S. Amateur or the U.S. Open), the junior golfer may accept expenses, but the expenses must be paid through his state or regional golf association.

What expenses to a competition may an older golfer accept?       

All amateur golfers have the ability to have their expenses to a competition reimbursed. For example, a friend could, through the player's state or regional golf association, assist the player with his expenses to play in a competition.

Why does the reimbursement of expenses need to go through the player's state or regional golf association?

The USGA wants to ensure that Rule 4 (Expenses) is not abused and that a player is merely reimbursed for what he spent and does not receive additional payment.