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The USGA's Environmental Commitment


The USGA will work to make the game more sustainable through research, education, and a commitment to protecting the environment

Golf, perhaps more than any other sport, is dependent upon a healthy environment. As the national governing body for golf in the United States, the USGA recognizes the importance of taking proactive steps to minimize our environmental footprint and integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of our activities.

To further our priority as a responsible citizen, the USGA will continue a rigorous evaluation of our consumption of natural resources and energy use, the integration of new technologies, and changes in behavior. Decisions concerning environmentally-responsible practices must be economically sound and maintain a healthy balance between established management systems and environmental sustainability.

To realize our commitment to the environment, the USGA will:
  • Develop a comprehensive environmental management plan for the Association that proactively promotes awareness and protection of the environment.
  • Train and educate staff to consider and incorporate environmentally-sound principles and practices into daily business decisions and operations.
  • Embrace environmentally responsible technology that it is fiscally sound.
  • Conduct championships in an environmentally-responsible manner given the distinct and local challenges of each event.
  • Measure environmental responsibility with the goal of continuous improvement.
  • Continue to support turfgrass and environmental research and focus research efforts on pesticide and nutrient fate, protection of water quality, and water conservation.
  • Promote and encourage environmental responsibility among golfers, Member Clubs, allied associations, and vendors through education and support.

January 2009