4. Additional Considerations for General Play

4A Pace of Play and Code of Conduct

To improve the enjoyment of players during general play there are many actions that a Committee can take to improve pace of play and to encourage a good standard of player conduct, such as:

The following sections give some of the considerations a Committee should take into account when adopting a pace of play policy or a code of conduct.

(1) Pace of Play Policy

(2) Code of Conduct Policy

4B Suspending Play

Each Committee should consider how it will suspend play if it is determined that weather conditions warrant. A suspension of play can be handled through a variety of methods, depending on the resources available to the course, such as signalling to players through an air horn or by personal notification of the players.

4C Providing Rules Support

Players may have questions on how to resolve Rules issues that have arisen during general play. Each course should identify a person or persons to handle such Rules questions. In many cases that person may be the professional or manager. If that person is unsure of the correct ruling, he or she may refer the question to the appropriate Rules organization for an answer.