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Open Works Program

The USGA has established the Open Works Program, an initiative designed to support inclusion and allow diverse Brookline based businesses and residents to receive priority for the labor and supplier needs connected to the 122nd U.S. Open Championship to be conducted at The Country Club June 13-19, 2022 in Brookline, Mass.

Small-, women-, minority-, LGBTQIA, disabled, and veteran/service-disabled businesses and individuals are encouraged to click the below link to learn about current opportunities the USGA and its national contractors and suppliers are seeking support for in the planning and execution of the championship. A variety of services are needed, including but not limited to transportation services, food products, building and construction materials, and general event rental equipment. Employment opportunities are actively being recruited for including private security positions, parking attendants, food and beverage staff, and ecology services. A full listing of needs is featured on the Open Works portal.

Brookline businesses and residents will have a chance to enter information and specify the services or labor opportunities they are interested in offering or applying for through the Open Works registration portal. With consent from the business and/or individual, the USGA will match the registrant with its contractors and suppliers seeking like-minded products, equipment, and/or manpower.

The USGA promotes an inclusive and diverse work and business environment for its celebrated U.S. Open Championship. We are committed to adopting procurement processes and practices that will enhance opportunities for vendors, suppliers, and contractors of diverse backgrounds. The more diversity and inclusion we can create within our championships, the more we can foster greater diversity, equity and inclusion in the businesses that serve the game of golf.

If you are interested in participating in the Open Works Program, please register by clicking the link below. Questions about to the Open Works Program can be directed to