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2024 WHS™ Education for Club Administrators

On behalf of the USGA Handicap Department, thank you for your interest in the World Handicap System™!

The following e-Learning course was created to assist Allied Golf Associations in the United States with educating and authorizing golf clubs within their jurisdiction to administer the World Handicap System at the club level. However, individuals are also permitted to view this content for their own knowledge. 



If you are a club representative accessing the e-Learning course to fulfill a WHS education requirement, you MUST contact your local Allied Golf Association to receive a unique link to the 20 question Club Authorization Quiz. This will ensure that your results are made immediately available to your AGA. To find your AGA, please click here.


If you are viewing this content for your own knowledge, 15 "Test your Knowledge" questions have been created so you can gauge your own level of understanding of the World Handicap System.  Click here to access those questions.

*Completion of the 15 question knowledge check will not satisfy a club authorization requirement. As noted above, please contact your AGA if you are viewing the e-Learning content for Club Authorization purposes.


If you have any questions, please contact the USGA Handicap Department: (908)234-2300 ext. 5  or