Boatwright Internship Prepares Golf's Future Leaders November 11, 2018 By Jordan Schwartz, USGA

P.J. Boatwright Internship Program: Current opportunities

Emily Meier studied communications and sport management during college, so the P.J. Boatwright Jr. Internship Program was the ideal first step in her career.

“It’s been the perfect opportunity for me because I’ve been able to work in communications and championships doing exactly what I went to school for,” she said.

Established in 1991, the program is designed to give experience to individuals interested in pursuing a lifetime of work in golf administration. Without these internships, allied golf associations would not be able to commit as many resources to conduct tournaments, junior programs and membership services.

That is why the USGA is committed to spend $1.7M each year to help AGAs hire about 175 interns across the country.

“Having a P.J. Boatwright intern over the summer is one of the most important things for an AGA,” said New Jersey State Golf Association Executive Director Kevin Purcell. “We have limited budgets, so the funding that comes from the program just gives us the opportunity to expand the things we do.”

You can help prepare golf’s future leaders by making a special contribution to the USGA. Your meaningful gift will drive golf forward by introducing a younger, more diverse generation of professionals like Emily to a career in golf.

“This internship experience has been awesome,” said Meier, who spent her time at the Metropolitan Golf Association. “I have learned so much and what I love about it most is it’s very hands-on. I’ve been given a few big projects and it’s been really cool to accomplish those and feel more confident and get that experience for whatever I end up doing next.”

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