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USGA Water Summit


| Nov 5, 2012
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Golf’s Use of Water: Solutions for a More Sustainable Game was presented by the USGA on November 6th and 7th, 2012. The Water Summit brought together experts from science, government, business, academia and golf to identify and discuss the most challenging issues regarding golf’s use of water. With communities continually working to provide sufficient quantities of safe drinking water, it is understandable that water use for recreational purposes is heavily scrutinized. While golf courses contribute to communities by providing green space, positive economic impact and recreation for those who play the game, it is also true that golf course irrigation is a necessary component of their management. It is the responsibility of golf’s leadership to ensure that our most valuable natural resource is used in the most forward-thinking, responsible manner.

The full proceedings from this event are available below, along with videos of each presentation and the coinciding article. Highlight videos are also available below.