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Research On Turfgrass Water Use


| Apr 11, 2016
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Water conservation has always been at the forefront of USGA research activities. Since 1921, the USGA Green Section has worked with universities and the US Department of Agriculture to improve our major turfgrass species used on golf courses. More recently, an emphasis was placed developing turfgrasses that survive periods of high heat, extreme cold, drought or tolerance of poor quality water. During the past 30 years, the USGA has helped golf courses make significant accomplishments toward conserving water through improved turfgrass water use and adaptation, soil management, and irrigation scheduling. The ultimate goal of this USGA supported research is to provide quality playing surfaces for golf while conserving and protecting our water supply. Dr. Mike Kenna provides an overview of USGA Research Accomplishments as well as the future direction of research efforts.

General Water Conservation

Research Milestones

Warm-Season Grasses - Bermudagrass, Paspalum, Zoysiagrass, Buffalograss

Cool-Season Grasses – Bentgrass

Recycled Water