World's Largest Turfgrass Research Library At Your Fingertips March 11, 2015

Michigan State houses a world renowned turfgrass library.

The Turfgrass Information Center, a specialized unit at the Michigan State University Libraries, contains the most comprehensive publicly available collection of turfgrass educational materials in the world. The Turfgrass Information Center has over 200,000 records in its primary database, the Turfgrass Information File (TGIF), with 58% linked to the full-text of the item. Serving researchers, practitioners, and students around the world, the Turfgrass Information Center and the TGIF database help to fulfill Michigan State University's world-grant ideal. 

Between 1983 and 1992, the USGA supported the development of the TGIF database. Using the Noer Collection as a foundation, TGIF was designed to systematically inventory published turf research and make the bibliographic information available via a computerized database. In 1999, the USGA committed one million dollars to the Turfgrass Information Center Endowment Campaign. Contributions to the Turfgrass Information Center Endowment Campaign have grown to more than $3 million. The annual interest generated by the principle, which will remain untouched, guarantees the ongoing operation of the Turfgrass Information Center, regardless of fluctuations in State and/or University support.