The Golfer's List Of New Year's Resolutions - From A Maintenance Perspective! February 27, 2015

The Golfer's List Of New Year's Resolutions - From A Maintenance Perspective!

Larry Gilhuly, Northwest Director
January 2, 2008

OK, so you have read your share of New Year's resolution lists. Probably have had your fill of them, but there are certain New Year's resolutions that golfers should make to show the proper respect and care of their golf course that they may forget to do now and then. With the New Year in mind, the following list is offered to encourage all players to understand the positive and negative impact your presence has on your golf course.

1. I resolve to understand that a bunker should be left the way it was when I entered it by properly raking my footprints and blast mark, regardless of how good or inept my attempt has been.

2. I resolve to bend over when filling my divot with sand/seed to make sure the area is filled properly and to not damage the mowers.

3. I resolve to learn how to properly fix all of my ball marks by pushing and not lifting them up, thereby exposing soil and causing weeks of recovery.

4. I resolve to realize that any sign that has a directional arrow with the word "carts" on it means I should go in that direction when driving a power cart.

5. I resolve to avoid walking over ropes held up by stakes that are meant to move traffic away from a weakened area. When I trip over said rope I will take personal responsibility for my mistake.

6. I resolve to understand that those operating maintenance equipment can be injured by my attempts at striking a very hard white ball. A few seconds of patience is always the best policy.

7. I resolve to remember that cart paths are not like a road where parking is needed on the edges. I will park/drive my golf cart on the hard surface only to avoid wearing out the edges.

8. I resolve to understand that trees never grow smaller as they age and shade/roots sometimes mean tree removal is necessary.

9. I resolve to understand that all greens are different, thus green speed should not be the same from course-to-course as detecting and adapting to different course conditions is an inherent part of the challenge of the game.

10. And finally, I resolve to remember that the game is just that - a game. I will accept responsibility for my success or failure at this difficult game, even while sitting in the 19 th hole!

Source: Larry Gilhuly, or 253-858-2266.