Family Tees November 10, 2015 By Blake Meentemeyer, agronomist, West Region

Painted elk tracks lead the way to the family teeing ground as indicated by the color-coded irrigation sprinkler in the fairway.  

Family tees – also called junior tees or short courses – are gaining popularity and go a long way in improving The Fun Factor on golf courses. Strategies like adding forward tees closer to greens and incorporating family teeing grounds in the middle of fairways play an integral role in growing the game of golf.  

Golfers at 3 Creek Ranch Golf Club in Jackson, Wyoming requested the addition of family tees primarily for junior and beginner golfers, but youth players are not the only ones using them. Women’s Day and Men’s Day groups also enjoy par-3 events and aging seniors utilize these areas as a way to stay active in golf and maintain their handicaps. Many short courses are eligible for a USGA Course Rating™ (minimum yardage of 3,000 yards for eighteen holes).

Family tees are a simple way to get the entire family involved in the game. Establishing marked teeing grounds in the middle of fairways can offer many advantages:

1.    Normal maintenance operations can continue without having to move traditional tee markers.

2.    Encourages beginners and youth players to join family members on the course

3.    Contributes to a fun and enjoyable experience for short distance hitters

4.    Can improve economics via short course fees 

5.    Grows the game of golf


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