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Wet Conditions, Fungicides Recalled, And Bermudagrass Growth Trends June 30, 2015 By Adam Moeller, agronomist, Northeast Region

Damage from ArmorTech Alt 70 and Viceroy® 70DF fungicides contaminated with a herbicide has been severe. 

Much of the Northeast has been experiencing rainy, soggy conditions over the past few weeks. Several agronomic and playability challenges have been observed as a result of the wet weather including:


  1. Mechanical damage from mowing wet putting greens, teeing grounds, fairways, and rough.
  2. Soft and slow putting greens.
  3. Pitting ball marks and scuffing/indentations from aggressive golf shoes.
  4. Golf cart damage from use on wet fairways and rough.
  5. Thick, penal rough.
  6. Grass clipping clumps in fairways and rough.
  7. Bunker washouts and puddling in poorly draining bunkers.


Lost revenue has been common at many facilities, especially those forced to close due to the weather. At many courses, saturated soils have highlighted areas where additional drainage is needed. Although drainage may not be an exciting project, it is a crucial part of golf course infrastructure and should take precedence over many other projects.

NovaSource announced a recall of ArmorTech Alt 70 and Viceroy 70DF fungicides due to herbicide contamination issues which resulted in moderate/severe decline on Poa annua and creeping bentgrass putting greens, collars, and putting green surrounds. The damage severity is not completely understood but many courses are either overseeding or sodding areas that experienced severe decline. Superintendents had no way of knowing these materials were contaminated before using them. 

Finally, bermudagrass is now rapidly growing in the southern portion of the region. Bermudagrass has been slow to break dormancy this season, which has resulted in tight lies in fairways and thin rough. These conditions should quickly improve as growth rates steadily increase.


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