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Boomless Spray Nozzles Find A New Niche June 1, 2018 By Jim Skorulski, agronomist, Northeast Region

Boomless spray nozzles are used to reach areas that a normal spray boom cannot.

Boomless spraying technology, which is commonly used in agricultural and roadside applications, is filling a niche on some golf courses. The spray nozzles used for this setup are mounted to throw horizontally, creating a spray pattern similar to an irrigation head. The nozzles can provide a uniform spray application to steeper bunker banks, green surrounds, naturalized roughs and even woodland edges.

Jeff Joedicke, superintendent at Schuyler Meadows Club in Loudonville, New York, adopted the technology several years ago to manage bunker banks, green surrounds, and other areas that are difficult to spray with conventional boom sprayers. Joedicke successfully applies soluble fertilizers, wetting agents, growth regulators and plant protectants through the nozzles. The boomless nozzles were retrofitted to the existing boom sprayer by mounting two nozzles pointing in opposite directions on a piece of angle iron that was then attached to the back of the sprayer. The nozzles are plumbed into the right and left boom hoses with a three-way valve. The nozzles are set to apply 2 gallons per 1,000 square feet when operated at 40 psi at a 3-mph ground speed. Joedicke currently uses nozzles rated to throw 19.5 feet, but nozzles can be selected for other distances and spray patterns.

Several companies produce the nozzles used in this system, so it is important to do your homework and select the most appropriate nozzles for your applications. Joedicke has expanded his use of the boomless nozzle system to make applications along forest edges and in severely contoured naturalized rough areas – to this point he has been happy with the results. Boomless spray nozzles might not be suitable for every operation, but they are a practical option for areas where boom sprayers dare not go.


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