Maintain Your Edge, But Wait Until Spring December 7, 2018 By Zach Nicoludis, agronomist, Central Region

Sod around this bunker has been installed over the sand edge. Any desiccated sod will be removed during final edging next spring, leaving behind healthy turf.

New bunker construction and bunker renovations are common late-season golf course projects that often rely on sod. Despite delaying irrigation system winterization to increase the odds for sod, new sod around bunker edges remains highly susceptible to winter desiccation.

Intentionally installing sod around bunker edges that overlaps into the bunker sand and delaying the final edging process until spring is an effective method of preventing the winter damage that often occurs on newly sodded bunker. Any damage that occurs to the exposed sod edge will likely be removed during the final edging process come spring, leaving behind healthy turf on the finished bunker edge. This method eliminates the need to waste time and water trying to nurse weak, dry turf back to health during spring when there are plenty of other tasks that need to be completed to prepare the course for play.


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