Program #13 Still The Best At Dr. Martin Fungicide Trials February 27, 2015

Program #13 Still The Best At Dr. Martin Fungicide Trials

By Patrick O'Brien and Christopher Hartwiger

December 03, 2008

Historically, university fungicide trials have focused on applying product "x" and rating them to see if they control disease "y." While this type of research is beneficial and provides important information, it is unable to get at the following question,"What is the most effective combination of products to control the variety of disease issues in our region?" Dr. Bruce Martin and his colleagues at Clemson University have been conducting this type of research for more than ten years and the results have been enlightening. This update will share a few take away points from the Clemson research.

Scope of the Trials

Dr. Bruce Martin discovered the Program 13 summer bentgrass fungicide program at the Clemson - Pee Dee Station.

Dr. Martin has conducted numerous trials using a variety of products. He has developed his own program and he challenged fungicide providers to create their own programs. He rated the programs on turf quality, brown patch, and dollar spot control during the summer months. Products were applied every 14 days from mid-May through September.


Over the 2007 and 2008 summers, the top rated program was identified as Program #13. A trend that Dr. Martin has observed in this program and others is that early in the season, when disease pressure is lower, there are many older and less expensive products that provide excellent control. However, as temperatures and disease pressure ratchet up in the summer, some of the newer, more expensive products provide better control.

This update was intended to share with you the type of disease research ongoing at Clemson. For specifics, we encourage you to attend one of the many disease seminars Dr. Martin teaches throughout the SE Reigon.

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