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On the Job Training provides apprentices with paid job placements that build skillsets in turf management. Apprentices work full time at one of our partner golf course facilities with support from leadership on-site, a mentor, and a field supervisor from the USGA. The On the Job experience includes:
  • Development of a professional growth plan. Mentors and field supervisors from the USGA help apprentices compose professional objectives that they will work towards over the course of the program.
  • Completion of a skillset inventory. Apprentices and mentors assess current skillset level and identify a target skillset level with indicators for progress towards the skillset.
  • Participation in regular field checks. Apprentices will be visited a minimum of four times throughout the year to discuss success, challenges, and progress towards the ending skillset level and professional growth objectives.
  • Engagement in a capstone project. Throughout the summer between coursework sessions, Apprentices will have the opportunity to either complete a volunteer experience with a USGA Championship or conduct an observational study at their facility as an extension of the skills and knowledge they acquire during the program.
  • Completion of final skillset inventory and growth plan evaluation. The program concludes with a final evaluation to assess progress towards the professional objectives, skillset level, and development of a professional growth plan moving forward beyond GAP.