acid soil calcareous soil damping off
acid injection caliche soil desiccation
activated sludge calibrate dethatch
aerate capillary disease
air movement cation dolomite (domestic limestone)
alge cation exchange capacity(CEC) dormant
alkaline soil certified seed or plants drainage
annual grasses chlorosis  
approach/apron clay E
  collar ECe (electrial conductivity of soil extract)
B combing ECw (electricl conductivity of water)
bacteria compaction effluent water
ball mark complete fertilizer emergence
bench setting compost emulsion
biennial contour mowing emulsifiable
biological control cool season grasses erosion
blend coring ESP (exchangeable sodium percentage)
blight crown evapotransiration
broadleaved crown hydration  
brushing cultivar H
buffer zone cultivation heaving
  cutting height herbaceous
F   herbicide
face/bunker G humus
fairway germination hydrated lime
fertigation grain hydroseeding
fertilizer grooming  
flocculate ground covers M
foliar fertilizers gypsum macronutrient
footprinting: frost   matting
footprinting: wilt L microclimate
forking leaching microenvironment
fumigant lip micronutrient
fungicide lime microorganisms
fungus liquid fertilizer mildew
friable localized dry spot mixture, seed
I O muck
improved strains organic fertilizer mulch
infiltrate organic, natural mycelium
infiltration rate organic, synthetic  
inorganic fertilizer organic matter P
insecticide organic soil parasites
intermediate layer overseed pathogen
internode   peat
ions S permeability
  saline soils perennial grasses
N saline-sodic soils pesticide
native grasses salt index pH
nematicide sand phytotoxic
nematode saturated hydraulic conductivity (SHC) plugging
nitrification scald poling
nitrogen carriers scalping pore space
node seed bed porosity, soil total
noxious weeds seed head porosity, capillary
nursery seedling porosity, non-capillary
nutrients, plant selective herbicide post-emergence
  shelling potable water
R silt practice green
rebuilding slicing pre-emergence
recycled/relcaimed/reuse water smut profile, soil
renovation sod putting green
residual period sodding  
residual sodium carbonate (RSC) sodic soil T
resiliency adjustable sodium absorption ratio (SARadj.) temporary grasses
rhizome soluble powder texture, grass
rough soil analysis: chemical thatch
rust soil analysis: physical tissue analysis
  soil modification topdressing
V soil probe topsoil
vapor drift soil seprates toxicity
variety soil sterilant transition zone
vegetative propagation soil structure translocation
verdure soil texture transpiration
vertical mowing (verticutting) species turf
viable seeds spiking turfgrass
volatile spray drift  
W step cut  
warm-season grasses serilize  
water analysis stimpmeter®  
water dispersible granules (WDG) stolons  
weeds stolonize  
wettable powder subgrade  
wetting agent sulfur  
wet wilt sulfur burner/sulfurous generator  
wicking barrier surfactant  
wilt susceptible  
winterkill (injury) suspension