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Building The USGA Green: Tips For Success


| Sep 11, 2015

The Green Section staff first published the USGA Green Section method of golf green construction in 1960. It has been successfully used throughout the world in a wide variety of environments. The method is periodically updated to reflect the knowledge gained through scientific research, new technologies in golf course construction, and broad construction and maintenance experiences in the field.

The USGA Recommendations For A Method of Putting Green Construction include specific details and parameters regarding putting green construction and are not intended to be a “how to” document. For example, they include scientifically based performance values for the rootzone mixture, organic matter selection, gravel size, etc. However, the Guidelines do not describe exact procedures for how best to dig the cavity, lay out the drainage design, or install the gravel and rootzone mixture. This document addresses the practical side of green construction. It also includes suggestions for planting and grow-in.

When it comes to building a golf green there is almost always more than one construction technique that can be used to get the job done. Equipment, soil conditions, contractor experience, crew size, architectural style, budget considerations, and even the weather, all influence how the work is accomplished. Years of industry experience with the construction of USGA greens have yielded many good ideas. Some make the construction process easier while others prove more helpful later in the life of the green. The tips for success included in this document are from the combined input of experienced agronomists, architects, builders, and golf course superintendents. The tips are organized by the various stages of green construction.



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