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Naturalized Rough Management


| Sep 4, 2015

This USGA Green Section Collection — assembled to supplement the September 4, 2015 issue of the Green Section Record (vol. 53 issue 17) — Provides useful resources pertaining to the management of roughs and naturalized areas on golf courses. The materials contained in this collection are not all-inclusive but intended to offer information to help you plan, implement, and manage alternative mehtods of rough mangement that may help reduce the use of resources like water, labor, fuel, fertilizer and pesticides.


Articles Included In This Collection:


What Are Green Section Collections?

A new feature to the USGA Green Section Record in 2015 now includes an interactive digital collection of supporting materials. In addition to the monthly major article, each digital collection includes supporting articles, a photo gallery and videos that provide additional, relevant information on the subject. The collections can be viewed online in a user-friendly digital magazine format, saved as a PDF or printed. We hope you find this new feature to be an extremely useful resource.

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