Heads Up! October 30, 2012 By Bob Brame

Heads like this one can completely negate the engineering that went into providing accurate irrigation coverage.

Does your course have irrigation sprinklers that are below ground level? It is very common to find low sprinklers as a system ages. Settling, freeze/thaw, turf growth and topdressing are the more common issues behind low sprinklers. More important than the cause – the compromise to irrigation coverage uniformity is significant and the problem will only intensify unless corrected. While the dry season has passed, dry will return and irrigation system inadequacies that are not corrected will cycle around to once again cause problems. Now is a good time to invest in sprinkler raising and leveling. Heads up, for better coverage, healthier turf and more dependable playability.    

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Source:  Bob Brame, or 859-356-3272.