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2022 U.S. Senior Women's Open Volunteer FAQs


Q: It costs $85 to be a volunteer. What do I receive for volunteering?

  • A volunteer credential that allows admission into the championship for all days the gates are open, including the days you are not assigned to volunteer. Your volunteer credential is nontransferable.
  • The 2022 U.S. Senior Women’s Open volunteer apparel package (see below for details)
  • Use of Volunteer Hospitality on the days you are assigned to volunteer. Grab breakfast or lunch before, during or after your shift, relax and meet other volunteers.


Q: My child wants to volunteer - are there opportunities available for juniors?

A: Yes, youth volunteers are welcome at the championship.  Please contact the Championship Office, at, for specific details on which committees are available for juniors. 


Q: What is the time commitment for volunteering? How many hours/shifts would I volunteer?

A: All volunteers for the 2022 U.S. Senior Women’s Open Championship will be required to volunteer a minimum of four (4) shifts with each shift lasting approximately five to six hours. Volunteers will be responsible for arriving at their assigned positions on time. The USGA will conduct an orientation session for volunteers in August of 2022.


Q: Can I be scheduled (shift assignments) at the same time as my spouse, friend, etc.?

A: We will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling requests. Make sure to list your request on your volunteer application and select similar availability.


Q: How do I know my assignment?

A:  Volunteer assignments will be made to volunteers who have completed their registration online and submitted their volunteer payment. You will be able to log in to your volunteer account and view which committee you have been assigned to as well.


Q: When will I find out my volunteer schedule?

A: Volunteers will be sent an e-mail regarding Shift Availability in the June, 2022 We will use these forms to create the volunteer schedules for each committee. You will be notified of the dates you are scheduled to work in late July/early August of 2022.  As always, we will make every effort to accommodate your availability preferences; however, we cannot guarantee each request will be granted. If you are traveling from out of state and made travel arrangements, please indicate that on the form.


Q: If I don’t like my committee assignment – can I move to another committee?

A: All volunteer committee assignments will be final once made available. We will attempt to assign each volunteer to one of his or her committee preferences; however, in many cases this will not be possible due to the requests for certain committees greatly outnumbering their respective staffing requirements. If the committee preferences you selected are full, we will assign you to another committee that still has availability.


Q: If I am no longer able to volunteer, may I receive a refund?

A: Yes, you will be issued a refund if you cancel before July 22, 2022. Please contact the championship office to request a refund at or 908-396-1553.



Q: What’s included in the Volunteer Apparel Package? Who makes it and what are the sizes.

A: The volunteer apparel package for 2022 U.S. Senior Women’s Open will be provided by Cutter and Buck. All volunteers will receive (2) logoed golf shirt, a rain poncho, a piece of headwear, water bottle and volunteer pin. The hat and visor are one size fits all. Men’s shirts are available in Small through 3XL. Women’s sizes for shirts are Small through 3XL. It is important to indicate whether you want men’s or women’s sizes.


Q: Will I have the opportunity to purchase additional volunteer apparel pieces?

A: At this time, you will not have an option to purchase additional apparel.  


Q: What color will the volunteer apparel be?

A: Navy Blue. In addition, pictures with the exact shade of blue can be found on the Apparel Details page when registering.


Q: How will I get my apparel package?

A: Apparel packages will be available for pick up at your specific volunteer orientation dates in August of 2022. Dates and times for apparel package pick up will be communicated closer to the championship.


Q: What do I do if my volunteer apparel does not fit and I need to exchange it?

A: Volunteer apparel exchange for another size will be held during the week of the championship on site. More details will be released closer to the championship.


Q: Do I have to wear the volunteer apparel provided? I have other golf clothing I would prefer to wear.

A: You are required to wear the official 2022 U.S. Senior Women’s Open volunteer apparel while on shift at the championship. We ask that you do not wear your volunteer apparel if you are not on shift and just attending the championship as a fan.


Q: What color pants should I wear? Can I wear shorts?

A: Men and women may wear their own khaki pants or shorts. Women may also wear khaki skorts or skirts of appropriate length.


Q: Do I have to wear any particular shoes?

A: Since a majority of volunteers will be standing for long periods of time, we recommend wearing comfortable shoes.



Q: Where’s the parking going to be for the Championship?

A: The exact parking locations are still being determined and will be released in the August of 2022. PARKING WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE ON-SITE AT NCR COUNTRY CLUB.


Q: Where do I park when I am not volunteering but want to attend the championship?

A: Volunteers will park in the general parking lot during the week of the Championship. General parking will be released to the public in August of 2022.




Q: When are the orientation sessions for volunteers?

A: Orientation sessions will take place in August of 2022. A presentation on general volunteer responsibilities will be addressed. At that time, you will also receive your volunteer apparel and credential packet. Those from out of state or out of the country will be given the information either electronically via e-mail, through an interactive online orientation, or at the Championship, depending on their volunteer committee assignment.


Q: What if I cannot attend the orientation session?

A: Please make every effort to attend orientation as this is when volunteers will receive their apparel and credential packets. However, if you are unable, your committee chairman will provide you with the necessary information prior to your first shift.




Q: Can I watch golf when I am not working?

A: Yes, your credential is valid and allows entry each day that the gates are open, and we encourage you to do so. We do ask that you not wear your volunteer apparel when not on duty.


Q: Can I take photographs or ask for autographs?

A: When you are not on shift or in your volunteer apparel, you may use your camera or mobile device camera and ask for an autograph before or after the player’s round.


Q: What happens if it rains?

A: The championship will go on and we will need your help. Make sure to report to your committee’s check-in location 15 minutes prior to your shift, rain or shine.


Q: Are there any golf privileges for volunteers?

A: Unfortunately, there are none at this time.