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2022 U.S. Senior Women's Open Committee Descriptions


Admissions & Information Services: The Admissions and Information Services committee makes sure all visitors who wish to enter the Championship grounds have a valid ticket or credential and are provided with clear and precise information regarding the Championship and surrounding area. 

Disabled Services: The Disabled Services committee assists spectators by providing special on-course transportation to and from the drop-off areas and ADA viewing locations. Must possess a valid driver’s license.

Marshals (walking and stationary): The Marshals committee is responsible for managing the movement of both players and fans throughout the championship grounds. As a Marshal volunteer, you will be responsible for promoting physical safety and fair play while maintaining an enjoyable environment for fans of the championship. As part of the “player group”, Walking Marshals will be responsible for walking ahead of the players to ensure that the landing zones are kept clear from fans. Stationary Marshals on the other hand will be positioned at hazards or other critical areas and work with the Walking Marshals to ensure their areas are being properly managed as player groups make their way through each hole. As a Marshal volunteer you will be required to walk to your assigned hole at the start of each shift. In addition, depending on your responsibility that day, you may be required to stand in a specific location for the entirety of your 4-6 hour shift or walk all 18 holes as a forward marshals with a player group.

Merchandise: The Merchandise committee will be responsible for management of all aspects of the merchandise pavilion operation in support of the USGA staff and vendors. The committee members will provide retail assistance in the merchandise pavilion as well as in the secondary merchandise location. This includes but is not limited to baggers, cashiers, customer service representatives, stockers, greeters, and entrance and exit monitors.



Volunteer Services: The Volunteer Services committee manages Volunteer Headquarters, providing information, meals, drinks, and snacks to the volunteers. They will be expected to have knowledge of the surrounding area (i.e. restaurants, activities, course layout).

Corporate Hospitality: The Corporate Hospitality committee assists with the management and operation of all corporate hospitality facilities including clubhouse and on course offerings. The committee also ensures corporate clients and their guests are provided a positive and enjoyable experience.



Leader Boards: The Leader Boards committee staffs all the championship Leader Boards and Thru Boards as well as posts all scores and information according to the USGA Scoring Terminal.

Standard Bearers: The Standard Bearers committee manages the Standard Bearer operations. Each Standard Bearer is responsible for carrying a scoring sign (standard) with each group of players during the Championship that shows each player’s score in relation to par. Will be required to walk 18 holes.

Walking Scorers: The Walking Scorers committee provides accurate shot-by-shot and hole-by-hole information for each player and enters scores into a handheld computer terminal. They will also assist with scorecard verification. They will also work with the standard bearer to make sure the scoring sign (standard) is accurate for each player’s score of the respective pairing. Ability to navigate 18 holes and follow players on foot is required.  Walking Scorers will be required to attend mandatory onsite training on Tuesday afternoon AND Wednesday morning of Championship week.  Volunteers will be asked to work shifts for both Round 1 and Round 2 and will be assigned for the weekend shifts based on availability and experience.



Caddie Services: The Caddie Services committee will guide caddies through the registration process and provide caddies with needed information and equipment for the championship.

On-Course Distribution: The On-Course Distribution committee ensures that all persons entering the Championship grounds have access to publications such as pairing sheets, newspapers and other printed documents.  In addition to the documents, this committee will be responsible for managing the on-course water supply for players as well as water levels for other facilities such as Volunteer Services. May be required to lift heavy objects (up to 50 pounds).  

Player Services: The Player Services committee assists with the management of the player hospitality areas and serves as an information resource for players and families.

Practice Areas: The Practice Areas committee will oversee the management of the practice driving range, short game area and putting green.