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U.S. National Development Program Grant Application Overview


| Nov 28, 2023 | Liberty Corner, N.J.
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The U.S. National Development Program Grant is designed to mitigate barriers of cost to promising junior golfers who demonstrate both financial need and the potential to progress through the U.S. National Development Program (USNDP) pathway.

Athletes for consideration must fit within the following criteria:

  • Age: Between 12-18 years old with a projected high school graduation date (or GED) no earlier than 2024
  • Amateur Status: An amateur as defined under the Rules of Amateur Status
  • Nationality: U.S. citizen residing in the U.S. and not receiving support or funding from another country
  • Handicap Requirement: 
    • The maximum Handicap Index®* eligibility will be consistent with the requirements for entry into the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship and U.S. Girls' Junior Championship. 
    • A minimum of a full scoring record consisting of 20 scores.
    • Within the previous 12 months, eight (8) competitive scores (“C” scores) must be posted to the scoring record
  • Financial Requirement: Family meets financial need parameters as determined by the USGA.  

Applications are reviewed based on the following steps: 

1. Screening questionnaire
2. Financial Needs Assessment
3. Performance Assessment

Before proceeding to the financial needs and performance assessments, all applicants must first fill out the pre-screening survey to determine basic eligibility for a potential USNDP Grant award. 

Families that meet the basic eligibility for a potential USNDP Grant award, will receive a link to a secure site to complete an application and submit the following information for the formal application process:

  • Handicap ID (i.e. GHIN #)
  • Submit the following tax documentation
    • Pages 1-2 of parent(s)/guardian(s) filed 1040 for the most recent tax filing year (if applicable)
    • W2 for both parents/guardians (if applicable)
    • Two pay stubs per parent (if applicable)
  • Or if financial circumstances have changed, you are no longer employed or have extenuating financial circumstances:
    • Complete the “Family Financial Statement” field located within the application. 
    • Confirmation letter/email from the Department of Labor [Your State] indicating PUA Unemployment Insurance Benefits (if applicable)
  • Share a link to swing and short game video.
  • Completed USGA USNDP Golf Resume Form
  • Letter of Reference: Reference letter from either the athlete’s coach, instructor, tournament organizer, Allied Golf Association or PGA of America Section representative, who can attest to the athlete’s character, work ethic, sportsmanship, and golf ability. Make sure the athlete’s reference includes their contact information (email address and phone number) as part of their reference letter. The reference letter cannot be from the athlete’s parent or guardian. 

*Maximum Handicap Index for boys and girls is subject to change by the time applications open. 

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