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Talking It ThroughPro Golfers on their Mental and Emotional Struggles

“I hit two bad shots, and I couldn’t mentally handle it at all. I had no idea what was going on. I was so angry, so wound up, which is really unlike me. I came off [the course] and cried. I knew then that something wasn’t right.”
Andrew “Beef” Johnston

“You put so much pressure on yourself when you’re playing well that you just forget to be in the moment. I think I’m going to struggle with that throughout my whole career. You know, today it went well. It doesn’t have to go well tomorrow. Your emotions are kind of like a roller coaster, [and I’m] just trying to manage them.” – Nelly Korda

“I really didn’t feel like myself in 2020, and I think with COVID and not being able to work and have golf as my outlet, that really hit hard. It was probably one of the lowest points of my career mentally. When I saw that I wasn’t getting the results I wanted, it ate me up. It was really bad. But also, I wouldn’t ask for help. I was very stubborn. Instead of asking, I pretty much shut people out.” – Lizette Salas

“I don’t like enclosed places. I don’t like elevators. I don’t like heights. There’s a lot of things that trigger my mental issues…. This is not something that goes away. There’s not a miracle drug that it goes away. I have anxieties. I have doubts. I have pride issues. I have ego issues. I’ve got them all. I’ve got every issue you can think of and I’m still with it, and hopefully I get better with it.” – Bubba Watson

“My lows have definitely been well-documented throughout the years, and there’s a lot of tough times. I thought what Naomi [Osaka] did was incredibly brave…. I do get anxiety talking to media because I know it’s the same questions every week.”
Michelle Wie West

“Mental health is a really big problem. Any professional athlete has to deal with a lot more stress and pressure than most people, and it just kind of got to me. But I’ve been working on it, I’ve been learning and that’s all I can do.” – Matthew Wolff