30 March 2021 Notice to Manufacturers: Update on the Proposed Change to the Maximum Length For Clubs Other Than Putters

The USGA and R&A issued a Notice on 1 February 2021 advising manufacturers of a proposed implementation of a Model Local Rule allowing committees to limit the  maximum length for clubs other than putters.  The R&A and USGA have received a great deal of helpful feedback while at the same time gathering additional data on club length measurement, and important insight regarding what length clubs are being used at various levels of the game.  In light of this data and feedback, we are extending the comment period that was initially scheduled to close on 4 March 2021, for an additional seven weeks until 22 April 2021.  Following the close of the comment period, The R&A and USGA will take the necessary and appropriate time to study and consider all of the information gathered and received to inform our decision.  Should the decision be made to implement a Model Local Rule, a suitable amount of time will be allotted for manufacturers and players to comply.

For any questions, please contact:

John Spitzer

Managing Director - Equipment Standards