How to Submit Equipment for Testing

To submit a product to the USGA for evaluation, simply complete the appropriate submission form below and submit it, with a sample of the product, to the address noted on the submission form. The following charges will apply:

Woods $ 150 each
Hybrids $ 150 each
Iron Sets $ 500 per set
Individual Iron Heads $ 150 each
Putters $ 50 each
Other (tees, gloves, shoes, etc.) $ 50 each


The following provides general information for those paying by check or credit card:

1. If paying by check, please include the check with the submission form and sample. You will receive an acknowledgement letter upon receipt.

2. If paying by credit card, you will receive an acknowledgement letter and an active link by e-mail to safely process your payment information. Once processed, you will receive an acknowledgement of payment which will include a submission reference number. The USGA accepts American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Note: If submitting a mock-up, prototype or first article sample for preliminary review, no payment is necessary.  However, to obtain an official ruling, payment is required with a sample that is representative of production.

Golf Club and Other Equipment Submission Guidelines

We ask that you review the Equipment Rules prior to submitting your product. The Rules of Golf specify the equipment which may be used to play the game. These specifications can be found in Rule 4.1 for golf clubs, Rule 4.2 for golf balls, Rule 4.3 for other equipment (such as tees, gloves, and other devices), and the Equipment Rules.

Should you have any questions regarding the Rules and/or guidelines, please feel free to contact the Test Center at 908-234-2300.

Download Golf Club Submission Form

Download Other Golf Equipment and Devices Submission Form