C. Queries Arising During Match Play Competition

  1. During a match play event the above procedure may need to be modified.

  2. If the query arises between rounds, then it would be too late for a defeated opponent of the player with a suspect club to make a claim, but a query from him or her would be grounds for checking the club before the player starts his or her next round.

  3. The procedure would be to consult with the player, opponent or third party and obtain all available information before making a determination. While the main procedures would be the same as for stroke play competitions (see A3 – A6 above), there may be more urgency in match play as it would be desirable to know whether the club is non-conforming before the player starts his or her next round, which might be the same day.

  4. If a formal ruling is obtained or a Duration of Round Answer reached, the player should be told as soon as possible. If the decision is that the club does not conform, the official would warn the player that if he or she carries the club in the next round, the player would be subject to penalty under Rule 4.1 of the Rules of Golf.

  5. If a player makes a claim during a match that his or her opponent is carrying a non-conforming club, the Official will have to make a ruling under even greater time constraints. Ideally, a ruling should be made before the match is finished. In that event, if there is no clear evidence that the club does not conform, the Official should almost always err towards ruling the club to conform. However, such a ruling would be considered to be a Duration of Round Answer and a more formal decision should be made prior to the next round.

  6. Thereafter, if the opponent wins, the procedure is the same as for a query arising between rounds (see C3 and C4 above).