B. Queries Arising During Stroke Play Competition

  1. If the club has already been used, Officials should only accept queries between rounds, or at the conclusion of play before the competition is closed.

  2. The Official should ascertain why the player, fellow-competitor or third party is querying the club.

  3. If the Official is absolutely certain of the correct decision, then the player should be informed (see A2 above).

  4. If the Official is unsure of the ruling, the player should be advised that he or she will receive either a formal ruling or a Duration of Competition Answer before the close of the competition. The procedure is the same as for a query arising before the competition began (see A3 – A6 above).

  5. If no Duration of Competition Answer is given and later advice confirms that the club does not conform, then the player should be penalized under Rule 4.2 of the Rules of Golf.