2023 U.S. Open: Fan Guide

The USGA asks that you respect each player’s complete focus on preparing for and playing in the championship. Autographs should only be obtained at designated Autograph Zones or at the completion of the player’s round. On-course autographs are not permitted at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, tees, fairways, greens and practice areas during practice and championship rounds.

To enhance your experience on-site at The Los Angeles Country Club, the USGA will offer complimentary Wi-Fi powered by Cisco throughout the championship grounds, including all grandstands, concession areas, merchandise pavilions and other large fan gathering areas. Connect to “U.S. Open Wi-Fi" from your mobile device.

The USGA is committed to providing a positive and user-friendly experience for all fans with disabilities and is pleased to provide the following services:

  • Accessible parking spaces for all vehicles having appropriate HD/DP license plates or placards will be reserved at all parking locations.
  • The Disability Services Committee will be onsite to assist fans with disabilities with multi-person golf carts and wheelchair accessible transportation to and from Disability Services Headquarters and specific grandstand and facility locations throughout the golf course via a fixed transportation route with predetermined stops.
  • A limited number of motorized scooters for fans with disabilities will be available at the Mobility Scooter Tents located across the Wilshire Blvd Bridge right of Hole 1 and left of Hole 10, on a first-come, first-served basis, compliments of the USGA and Pride Mobility.
  • Telecommunications Devices for the hearing impaired will be available at Disability Services Headquarters located near Gate 10.
  • Accessible restrooms will be available at all portable restroom locations throughout the championship grounds.

If you are traveling to Los Angeles for the 123rd U.S. Open Championship, please visit the Hotel Guide for available lodging options across the city. To discover best-kept secrets that locals love about Los Angeles and learn more about dining, shopping, and local experiences during your trip, please visit Discover Los Angeles!

First-Aid Stations will be located right of Hole 2, left of Hole 10, and Fan Central. All First-Aid Stations will be staffed with physicians and other licensed practitioners. Complimentary water will be provided at all First-Aid Stations and designated hydration stations located throughout the golf course. If a medical emergency arises, please notify a volunteer, security personnel, or USGA official.

Practice Rounds: Juniors aged 17 and under can request a complimentary Gallery ticket at the Ticket Office with a ticketed or credentialed adult. Maximum of two (2) Junior tickets of any age per ticketed or credentialed adult.

Championship Rounds: Juniors aged 12 and under can request a complimentary Gallery ticket at the Ticket Office with a ticketed or credentialed adult; Juniors aged 13-17 can purchase a discounted Junior Gallery ticket ($75) at the Ticket Office with a ticketed or credentialed adult. Maximum of two (2) Junior tickets of any age per ticketed or credentialed adult.

Notice: Junior tickets do not provide access into any premium spaces or hospitality areas as specific tickets are required for access into each of those venues. Discounted Junior premium tickets for all Junior ages for practice rounds, if available, can be purchased for Junior access into premium spaces (Trophy Club for $100 per ticket) at the Ticket Office. For championship rounds, if available, discounted Junior premium tickets for all Junior ages can be purchased for Junior access into premium spaces (Trophy Club for $150 per ticket) at the Ticket Office. Maximum of two (2) Junior premium tickets of any age per ticketed or credentialed adult. Junior tickets cannot be obtained ahead of time. All Junior tickets must be obtained on the day of the Championship at the Ticket Office at the main entry gates.

Practice Rounds: Active and retired Military members can request a complimentary Gallery ticket for themselves for each practice round via online ticket offer verified through GovX, with a capacity set at 500 tickets per round.

Championship Rounds: Active and retired Military members can purchase a discounted Gallery ticket for themselves for each championship round at half price via online ticket offer verified through GovX, with a capacity set at 250 tickets per round.

Active and retired military members are eligible for (1) ticket per day of the 2023 U.S. Open. Moving forward, no tickets will be distributed in advance. All military tickets must be reserved in advance via the process above and then picked up at Will Call on the day of the event. Must bring ID and military ID matching the name on the ticket reservation to Will Call to receive entry. Will Call is located at all main entrance gates. Tickets are non-transferable.

Located next to Gate 5, Lost & Found is open from 8 AM to 7 PM daily. Any fan finding a lost item on the grounds should report it to the nearest security personnel, volunteer, or USGA official who can deliver the item to Lost & Found.

The USGA encourages fans to capture their favorite moments at our championships and stay connected with family and friends while onsite. We have set guidelines on mobile device usage to ensure our players and other fans are not distracted or disrupted during the championship.

  • Fans may carry mobile devices smaller than 7” in length and/or height.
  • Device volume controls must be set to “silent” or “vibrate” and flash photography must be disabled.
  • Phone calls should be limited to areas away from play and not in any area that may disrupt play, including grandstands.
  • Photography, video, and audio recording are permitted throughout the course, but content must not be used for commercial purposes.
  • Live streaming or shot-by-shot coverage of any player (with or without video) is not permitted at any time throughout championship week.
  • All posted signage and instructions from championship staff and volunteers must be observed.

Conducting a global championship for the best golfers in the world is our primary focus. Violation of any of the above policies may result in immediate expulsion and loss of ticket privileges for the remainder of the championship.

All paid and complimentary tickets for 2023 USGA Championships will be delivered to recipients digitally via AXS Guest Services (guestservices@axs.com) and accessible via the USGA Mobile App. Mobile tickets will be delivered to the AXS account utilized when purchasing or accepting transferred tickets. Fans will not be permitted to enter the gates without a digital ticket. Screenshots do not permit entry. Eligible tickets can be transferred utilizing the USGA Mobile App. View the Ticket FAQs for additional information.

There are limited exceptions and cases in which printed tickets will be acceptable. Printed tickets are only available on-site at designated Ticket Office or Ticket Resolution areas.

Can I receive a refund? The USGA has a strict no-refund policy on all USGA championships. However, tickets are transferrable.

USGA Resale Marketplace: The USGA Resale Marketplace is the only USGA-approved secondary marketplace for purchasing tickets to the 2023 U.S. Open Championship at The Los Angeles Country Club. Offerings include Gallery, Trophy Club and Pacific Club.

Ticket prices set by resellers may exceed face value. Access all verified ticket options at usopen.com

Ticket Re-Entry Policy: Re-entry into the championship will be permitted. Individuals leaving the property and returning later must have their hands stamped prior to exiting to be eligible for re-entry. 

Use the map feature in the USGA App to find fan experiences while at the championship, such as:

  • American Express Card Member Lounge
  • Fan Services Hosted by American Express
  • Lexus Electrified Experience
  • USGA & Museum Experiences

In addition, you’ll find on-course fan photo opportunities you won’t want to miss! To get the latest fan experiences delivered to your inbox, join the Victory Club, the official home of U.S. Open fans, for free today.

The Los Angeles Country Club is located in Los Angeles, Calif., neighboring Century City, Westwood, and Beverly Hills. Due to the densely populated and residential nature of The Los Angeles Country Club’s location, the USGA has partnered with multiple Century City parking garages to accommodate all championship parking for fans.

The USGA strongly encourages fans to purchase parking ahead of the championship. Parking passes can be purchased for either the Westfield Mall in Century City or the 10100 Santa Monica Boulevard office building garage for $33.00/day (no in/out privileges. You CANNOT enter/exit more than once). To purchase parking passes click here.

Fans are limited to purchasing just one (1) parking pass per day that they are attending the championship. Both garages are located across Santa Monica Blvd from the golf course. Once parked, there will be signage guiding ticket holders along the short walk to The Los Angeles Country Club. Fans will enter through Gate 5 (Main Admission Gate) to access the championship grounds, Trophy Club, and Fan Central.

Fans are strongly encouraged to act now to secure their parking for the championship and take advantage of this premium location across the street from The Los Angeles Country Club.

There is NO general fan parking available on the grounds of The Los Angeles Country Club. All local street parking will be enforceable in accordance with prevailing city ordinances and regulations.

A limited number of parking passes remain for championship rounds. To purchase ahead of time, by clicking HERE.  For day of, parking is available at Watt Plaza garage while quantities last.

Parking & Transportation Services for Fans with Disabilities
The USGA is committed to providing a positive and user-friendly experience for all fans with disabilities. Accessible parking spaces for all vehicles displaying the appropriate HD/DP license plates or placards will be reserved at all parking locations. Fans requiring lift-equipped transportation should contact 2023USOpen@usga.org ahead of the championship to receive specific parking instructions.

The USGA will provide complimentary lift-equipped shuttle transportation to and from all remote championship parking lots. Furthermore, the Disability Services Committee will be onsite to assist fans with disabilities with multi-person golf cart transportation to and from designated stops and accessible grandstand and facility locations throughout The Los Angeles Country Club.

Ride Share
Fans traveling to the Championship via ride share are encouraged to take ride share services to Beverly Hills High School. U.S. Open Ride Share and passenger drop-off will only be allowed at the designated area at along Moreno Drive and located within a 10-minute walk to Gate 5.

There is no parking or staging for vehicles at the ride share location, so pick-up times will need to be coordinated accordingly. Vehicles proceeding to the ride share location will be instructed to follow directional signs and parking attendants to the appropriate pick-up and drop-off location. Due to traffic restrictions, access is limited to vehicles no larger than a 12-passenger van or limousine. Ride share vehicles are NOT permitted to pick-up or drop-off at any other location around the Championship grounds. All other U.S. Open parking is by permit and parking pass only.

Fans who wish to ride their bicycle to the Championship will be able to do so by following the bicycle signage plan and traffic pattern guidelines. Bike racks will be provided at Westfield Mall and Holmby Park to secure bikes. Owners will be responsible for the security of their bicycles.

All times are Pacific Daylight Time and are subject to change. Starting times will be posted once available at usopen.com and on the USGA Mobile App.

Practice Rounds
Players will have the option of starting practice rounds on the first or 10th tee. Players electing to play a full round generally begin between 6:45 a.m. and 3 p.m. It is typical for players to be on the golf course or practice areas until at least 7 p.m.

  • Monday, June 12 (Gates open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • Tuesday, June 13 (Gates open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, June 14 (Gates open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.)

Championship Rounds 1 & 2
Play is scheduled to begin at 6:45 a.m. from both the first and 10th tees. The last groups are scheduled to begin play at 2:42 p.m. from both the first and 10th tees.

  • Thursday, June 15 (Gates open 6 a.m. to conclusion of play)
  • Friday, June 16 (Gates open 6 a.m. to conclusion of play)

Championship Rounds 3 & 4
The first starting time will be determined by the number of players who make the cut at the conclusion of the second round (60 lowest scorers and anyone tying for 60th place). Generally, the first pairing begins play from the first tee between 8-9 a.m.; the last pairing for both days will start from the first tee at approximately 2:30 p.m.

  • Saturday, June 17 (Gates open 7 a.m. to conclusion of play)
  • Sunday, June 18 (Gates open 7 a.m. to conclusion of play)

If there is a tie for the low score after 72 holes, a two-hole aggregate playoff will begin immediately following play. If the playoff results in a tie after two holes, the tied players will immediately continue the playoff hole-by-hole (sudden-death format) until the champion is determined.

If you observe the following guidelines, your experience at the U.S. Open Championship will be a more enjoyable one:

  • Please stay behind gallery ropes and always follow directions of championship marshals.
  • Only cross fairways at designated crosswalk areas.
  • Be considerate of others and kneel or sit if you are in the front row of the gallery.
  • Stay quiet and stand still when players are about to hit or when instructed by marshals.
  • All mobile device volume controls must be set to silent or vibrate at all times.
  • To always ensure your safety, walk carefully and never run.
  • The U.S. Open Championship involves substantial walking on grass hills, dirt paths and other uneven surfaces. Please wear appropriate footwear such as sneakers or golf shoes.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.
  • To provide protection from the sun, remember to wear sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. Please note that sunscreen in bottles and tubes three ounces or less are permitted. Sunscreen in spray bottles and/or aerosol cans are not permitted.

Fans and other championship attendees will go through security screening prior to entering the Championship grounds and will not be allowed to bring any of the items listed below. To help expedite admission into the championship, it is recommended that all prohibited items are safely stowed prior to arriving at the championship or parking lot. Please be sure to read the following list of prohibited items carefully.

  • No Weapons (regardless of permit, including but not limited to firearms or knives)
  • No Explosives and/or Fireworks of any kind
  • No Tablets and/or Computers (mobile devices smaller than 7" are permitted, subject to mobile device policy)
  • No Drones
  • No Selfie Sticks or Handheld Camera Stabilizers
  • No Cameras (point and shoot, film, or DSLR) or Video Cameras (other than Monday through Wednesday for personal use only)
  • No Noise-Producing Devices (including radios, TV’s, or portable speakers)
  • No Backpacks, Briefcases, Purses and/or Bags larger than 6" W x 6" H x 6" D in their natural state

NOTE: Transparent/clear plastic hand and shoulder bags no larger than 12" W x 12" H x 6" D are permitted.

  • No Signs, Posters, Banners and/or other Sports Paraphernalia or Memorabilia
  • No Food and/or Beverages except for medical or infant needs
  • Water Bottles (32-ounce size or less, no glass) are permitted provided they are empty upon arrival
  • No Glass, Coolers, Aerosol Cans and/or Spray Bottles except for medical or infant needs

NOTE: Personal-care items (3-ounce size or less) are permitted.

  • No Pets or Emotional Support Animals (only trained service dogs as defined by the ADA)
  • No Lounge Chairs and/or Oversized Chairs
  • No Ladders and/or Step Stools or other similar items
  • No Bicycles, Segways, Scooters, or other personal transportation devices allowed inside Championship admission gates (other than used for individuals with mobility disabilities)
  • No other items or actions deemed unlawful, dangerous or disruptive by the USGA and/or Championship Security Personnel, in their sole discretion

The USGA reserves the right to amend the List of Prohibited Items at any time to provide a safe and secure championship.

Service dogs are welcome. Emotional support animals and pets are not permitted on the championship grounds. For complete terms and conditions, visit the USGA Ticket & Credential License Agreement.

The Merchandise Pavilion, covering 26,000 square feet, is located on the South Course near the Main Admission Gate. It includes over 400,000 U.S. Open logoed items from 50 different brands including, Peter Millar, the Official Outfitter of the U.S. Open and USGA. Peter Millar has designed custom apparel for the U.S. Open merchandise 0ffering and for over 3,000 volunteers. Shop one-of-a-kind apparel designs and accessories exclusive to this year’s championship. The Satellite Tent, covering 9,300 square feet, is located next to the clubhouse and near hole #10.

For your convenience, a merchandise bag check tent and shipping tent will be located adjacent to the Merchandise Pavilion from Monday, June 12 through Sunday, June 18.

Hours of Operation:


The U.S. Open Merchandise Pavilion at The Los Angeles Country Club will be open from Thursday, June 8 through Sunday, June 11 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for exclusive pre-championship shopping for volunteers and members of the USGA, USGA Victory Club, SCGA, GHIN and WSGA. Tickets are not required to access the Merchandise Pavilion during these four days. Individuals can sign up to become a USGA Member by clicking here or visit the USGA Experience tent adjacent to the Merch Pavilion to register in person. Fans can sign up for the free USGA Victory Club here

Complimentary parking will be available at The Los Angeles Country Club (10001 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif.), with a short walk to the Merchandise Pavilion.  

U.S. Open Championship Week
June 12-18 (Monday through Sunday) 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Merchandise Pavilion and the Satellite Tent are located on the Championship grounds. You must have a ticket or credential to gain entry during the championship.

To ensure a positive experience for all fans and players, the spectator code of conduct will be enforced at all times. Fans will be subject to expulsion and loss of ticket privileges for unruly, disruptive, unsafe or illegal behavior, including:

  • Making rude, vulgar, or other inappropriate comments or gestures
  • Verbal or physical harassment of players, volunteers, officials, or fans
  • Yelling and/or distracting a player or any disruption of play or fan environment
  • Inappropriate use of a mobile device
  • Failing to stay behind gallery ropes
  • Refusal to follow the instructions of championship officials, volunteers, security personnel or posted signage

We’re bringing the excitement of the U.S. Open beyond the gates of LACC with a fan-centric festival hosted at Westfield Century City that features four days of fun including:

  • Daily watch parties
  • Nightly entertainment
  • Celebrity appearances
  • Games and golf
  • Junior activities
  • U.S. Open merchandise

The U.S. Open Showcase will be open daily during championships play from 11am – 9pm (hours subject to change) free of charge. Please visit USOpen.com/Showcase for more information including a schedule of events, entertainment, and more.

Visit usopen.com, the official website of the 123rd U.S. Open Championship, for complete fan information, live streaming, scoring, highlights, real-time win probability, 3D shot-by-shot trails, and more as the action unfolds at The Los Angeles Country Club. Be sure to download the official USGA Mobile App, Built by Deloitte, on iOS and Android, to track your favorite players, find amenities and seating with step-by-step navigation, and receive exclusive, on-site alerts throughout the championship.

Average June temperatures around The Los Angeles Country Club range from highs of 80°F to lows of 60°F. Hats, cool clothing and sunscreen are recommended on bright, sunny days.

Meteorology staff will be onsite monitoring weather conditions. The USGA will communicate important safety information to fans through special alerts that will appear on all leader boards, thru boards and video boards. Please read all alerts and follow safety instructions. In general, an alert shown in BLUE or YELLOW is being posted for general awareness while ORANGE indicates that fans should be prepared to take action. An Alert shown in RED poses an imminent threat and will require immediate action as stated in the Alert.

Weather Advisory (BLUE): A Weather Advisory will be posted to alert fans of specific weather conditions that will require certain precautions.

Weather Watch (YELLOW): A Weather Watch may be posted to alert fans that dangerous weather is possible.

Weather Warning (ORANGE): A Weather Warning may be posted to alert fans that dangerous weather is approaching and they should be prepared to take shelter or return to their vehicles.

Weather Warning (RED): A Weather Warning may be posted to alert fans that dangerous weather is imminent, and they should take immediate action to ensure their safety, including exiting all grandstands.