Apply For Amateur Status Reinstatement

Reinstatement Application    FAQs on Reinstatement

Before beginning an application, it is important to note the following:

* Holding membership in an organization of professional golfers (including apprentice status membership in the PGA) is a breach of Rule 2-1. If you have held membership in such an organization, you must resign your membership before your application will be considered. If, after all other violations of the Rules ceased, you used your membership card to receive any benefit that would not otherwise have been available to you, then please identify the date that you last received any benefit from your membership. This will determine the date your period awaiting reinstatement will commence.

* If you participated on a tour or mini-tour, please include the approximate total number of events when asked under Rule 3-1.

The routine period awaiting reinstatement is one or two years from the date of the last act contrary to the Rules of Amateur Status. Please note that longer periods may be prescribed in the case of an applicant who has played extensively for prize money. This period can vary depending on the type and length of violation, and is retroactive to the date that you last worked or played as a professional.

The regulations governing reinstatement are set forth in Rule 9 of the Rules of Amateur Status.

Once completed, your application will first be submitted to the State or Regional Golf Association in your area for review, and then to the USGA for processing. After the USGA has reviewed your application, a letter will be sent to you by e-mail with the decision regarding your reinstatement date. Please make sure the spam blocker on your e-mail program will accept all e-mails from Please note the application process may take 1-2 weeks.

Please note that the fee for applying for reinstatement is $150. Before you can complete and submit your application, you will be asked to provide a credit card number which will be charged the $150 processing fee.

To begin the application process, please click here. Please contact the USGA Amateur Status Department at 908-234-2300 with any questions about the application process.