!rule-14406 false Appendix B SAMPLE LETTER APPLYING Section 8-4c Appendix B SAMPLE LETTER APPLYING Section 8-4c [Club Stationery] [Date] Dear After reviewing your scoring record, the Handicap Committee of [club name] has determined that your Handicap Index does not accurately reflect your potential playing ability. We have concluded that [your rapid improvement, your numerous away scores, your recent injury, your failure to post scores, your posting of erroneous scores] has produced a Handicap Index that is not accurate. In the interest of fair play, the Handicap Committee is going to modify your Handicap Index under Section 8-4c of "The USGA Handicap System." Your Handicap Index will become [e.g., 7.6M]. Before the adjustment becomes effective, you may appeal to the Handicap Committee either by letter or in person by [date]. If the Handicap Committee does not hear from you or determines that the reasons for modification are still valid, the modified Handicap Index will become effective on [date]. The Handicap Committee will review this adjustment at each handicap revision date to determine if your Handicap Index should revert to the normal handicap formula computation by Section 10-2. In the meantime, continue to post all of your scores and observe all aspects of the USGA Handicap System. Sincerely, Handicap Chairperson