!rule-01 false Rule 1 - Amateurism

Rule 1 - Amateurism

1-1. General An amateur golfer must play the game and conduct himself in accordance with the Rules. 1-2. Amateur Status Amateur Status is a universal condition of eligibility for playing in golf competitions as an amateur golfer. A person who acts contrary to the Rules may forfeit his amateur status and as a result will be ineligible to play in amateur competitions. 1-3. Purpose of the Rules The purpose of the Rules is to maintain the distinction between amateur and professional golf and to ensure that amateur golf, which is largely self-regulating with regard to the Rules of Golf and handicapping, is free from the pressures that may follow from uncontrolled sponsorship and financial incentive. Through appropriate limits and restrictions, the Rules are also intended to encourage amateur golfers to focus on the game's challenges and inherent rewards, rather than any financial gain. 1-4. Doubt as to Rules A person who is in doubt as to whether taking a proposed course of action is permitted under the Rules should consult the Governing Body. An organizer or sponsor of an amateur golf competition or a competition involving amateur golfers who is in doubt as to whether a proposal is in accordance with the Rules should consult the Governing Body.