!rule-08 false Rule 8 - Procedure for Enforcement of the Rules Rule 8 - Procedure for Enforcement of the Rules 8-1. Decision on a Breach If a possible breach of the Rules by a person claiming to be an amateur golfer comes to the attention of the Committee, it is a matter for the Committee to decide whether a breach has occurred. Each case will be investigated to the extent deemed appropriate by the Committee and considered on its merits. The decision of the Committee is final, subject to an appeal as provided in these Rules. 8-2. Enforcement Upon a decision that a person has breached the Rules, the Committee may declare the Amateur Status of the person forfeited or require the person to refrain or desist from specified actions as a condition of retaining his Amateur Status. The Committee should notify the person and may notify any interested golf union or association of any action taken under Rule 8-2. 8-3. Appeals Procedure Each Governing Body should establish a process or procedure through which any decision concerning enforcement of these Rules may be appealed by the person affected.